The 9th LLM-jp Meeting

The 9th LLM-jp meeting was held on May 28th, 2024 at National Institute of Informatics and available online.


  • LLM-jp Status Report (Kurohashi) [Material]
  • Development of a Japanese LLM with 100B Parameters (Omi) [Material]
  • Overview of R&D for Generative AI at Databricks (Yayoi) [Material]
  • Multilingual LLM: Data Construction, Fine-tuning, and LLM-based Evaluation (Peter) [Material] 
  • Corpus Construction Working Group (Kawahara) [Material]
  • Model Building Working Group (Suzuki) [Material]
  • Evaluation and Tuning Working Group (Miyao) [Material]
  • Safety Working Group (Sekine) [Material]
  • Multi-modal Working Group (Okazaki) [Material]


27 on-site and about 140 online