Participation application

We have the policy to keep all discussions, processes, results, and failures open in a transparent manner.

Participating university research labs and corporate teams are grouped together with one representative for each group. The leader or representative (laboratory PI, etc.) has to manage the participation of its members.

A steering committee consisting of several key members will discuss the management policy of the study group and confirm the participation of new group representatives.

If you are a group representative wishing to join, please apply using the form below.

Form for the participation application

* Please check the list of members in advance, and if your organization is already participating, please receive an invitation directly from the group representative.

* If you apply for participation, please note that you must comply with the anti-harassment policy and do not engage in any behavior that interferes with the activities of the study group. If the steering committee determines that such behavior has occurred, you may be asked to withdraw from membership. We will assume that you have agreed to this.