The 5th LLM-jp Meeting

We will have the 5th LLM-jp meeting on Wedneday, October 18, 2023 at National Institute of Informatics and available online.


  • LLM-jp Status Report (Kurohashi) [Material]
  • Learning and Application of V&L using Heron (Inoue) [Material]
  • ELYZA-japanese-Llama-2-7b, a Japanese LLM based on Meta’s “Llama 2” that can be used for commercial purposes (Nakamura)[Material]
  • Pre-training of PLaMo-13B, a large-scale language model (Mikami) [Material]
  • Real Robot Applications of Large-scale Language Models (Kawarazuka) [Material]
  • Model Building Working Group (Suzuki) [Material]
  • Report of mdx Working Group (Kuga) [Material]
  • Corpus Construction Working Group (Kawahara) [Material]
  • Evaluation and Tuning Working Group (Miyao) [Material]


25 on-site and about 140 online