The 4th LLM-jp Meeting

The 4th LLM-jp study meeting was held on Monday, September 4, 2023 at National Institute of Informatics and available online.


  • Survey of instruction tuning by model imitation (Mizuki) [Material]
  • PEFT: LazyLoRA (Wu) [Material]
  • Research and development of large-scale language models in Stability AI Japan (Lee) [Material]
  • Generative AI Construction and Copyright (Kakinuma) [Material]
  • Report of mdxWG (Kuga) [Material]
  • Corpus Construction Working Group (Kawahara) [Material]
  • Evaluation and Tuning Working Group (Miyao) [Material]
  • Model Building Working Group (Suzuki) [Material]
  • Construction of a large-scale bilingual language model “Weblab-10B” (Kojima) [Material]


20 on-site and about 70 online