The 2nd LLM-jp Meeting

The 2nd LLM study meeting was held at the National Institute of Informatics on Monday, June 19, 2023.


  1. Discussion on the operation of the study group (Kurohashi)
  2. Presentation of topics from NII (Aizawa) [Material]
  3. Report on NICT activities (Torisawa) [Material]
  4. Report on ABCI Trial (Sakaguchi) [Material]
  5. Presentation by Retriva (Nishitoba) [Material]
  6. Presentation by CyberAgent (Ishigami and Sasaki) [Material]
  7. Discussion on the mdx project (policy, progress report of each WG, mdx usage) (Kawahara, Kuga)[Material 1] [Material 2]


15 on-site and about 50 online